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 The International Great Shravasti Cultural Festival 2020


A  Project of H.H. Drikung Kybagon Thinley Lhundup


The International Great Shravasti Cultural Festival 2020

In September 2020 The International Great Shravasti Buddhist Cultural Festival will be held in Kuala Lumpur.

Buddhists from 10-15 countries are expected to take part. This is an event for all Buddhists, especially young Buddhists to promote world peace and basic Buddha’s teachings.

Why the event is named after Shravasti? Primarily, Sharavasti is of great significance in Buddhist history. The Lord Buddha spent twenty-five rainy seasons in Shravasti after He attained enlightenment. It is the place where Buddha lived the longest amount of time, and it is the place where he gave the largest amount of discourses and instructions. Woodward states that, of the four Nikayas, 871 sutras are said to have been preached in Shravasti. However, Shravasti is less known to the Buddhist community compared to other holy sites such as Bodhigaya (site of Buddha's enlightenment), Lumbini (site of Buddha's birth) and Sarnath (site of his first teaching) which are all very well-known and popular destinations among pilgrims from around the world.

Volunteers are needed. Soon there will be more information!







Autumn/Winter 2020


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