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Urgent Fundraising from Garchen Buddhist Institute in Arizona

January 15, 2020

Hello, Dear Friends,                                                                      

Thank you for being there. I hope you’ll be patient with me as I describe the latest project to protect and adorn the precious Garchen Institute!

The concern is the GBI WATER SUPPLY. As you know, all of GBI’s water comes from a single well, which was drilled about 20 years ago. You may also recall the signs posted in the bathrooms at GBI during Trisha’s tenure, telling us that the projected longevity of the well was 80 years.

Now we have 60 years remaining on the well—at the rate of usage projected back then. But, since then, the activity at GBI has greatly increased, and will jump further when Rinpoche’s wishes for new buildings and housing have been realized.

As of a year ago, GBI had pumped more than 4 million gallons out of the aquifer—which is a lot!

I feel it is prudent to start conserving and increasing the Garchen Institute’s water supply, for the long term. Given increased water use and climate uncertainties, the well may run out at some point, which would be disastrous for the Garchen Institute if we’re not prepared.

During the December GBI board meeting, I proposed that GBI hire a water conservation and ecology professional to prepare a report that would outline various options and costs to address the situation. Rinpoche gave a strong “thumbs up” to this idea, saying, “Water is most important.” The board agreed to my proposal. I need your help to enact it.

My thought is to approach this from both worldly, and spiritual angles—thus working with both systems as Rinpoche describes them.

WORLDLY APPROACH—we hope to hire a professional to conduct a study, and prepare a report. The person we have in mind is a sangha member who has been to GBI and has expressed strong interest. The report would present different scenarios that GBI could undertake, with legal, cost and feasibility assessments. This study would include possibilities for water conservation, gray water systems, increasing groundwater percolation to recharge the aquifer, collection/use of rainwater, and legal issues. The person preparing this study would also investigate grants to help fund our work, and enlist help from other Arizona water experts.The time line is to do this soon. The cost of doing the study/report is uncertain, but to do a proper job, it would probably be in the $8000-$10,000 range.

SPIRITUAL APPROACH—I have asked Garchen Rinpoche about practices we could do to enlist the help of the deities, local energies and protectors to increase our water supply. Rinpoche mentioned trying to get a naga treasure vase but said it would be difficult to find the right person to make it (the lama he had in mind was in Tibet.) Rinpoche did say, however, that Tara prayers, made at the stupa and pond, would really help.

I would like to ask Rinpoche to compose a prayer to Tara, asking her to protect the Garchen Institute—its environment and water supply—for the benefit of humans, animals and other beings who will be drawn to the Garchen Institute in the future. Then we could all recite the prayer and contribute our positive energy.

If Rinpoche agrees to compose the prayer, I would like for it to be written out and placed by the pond behind the stupa, where people could read it and pray. (Knowing me, you’ll not be surprised that I’d like to carve it on a ROCK!)

My hope is for the prayer to be formally presented during the upcoming 21 Praises to Tara retreat, which will most likely happen in the fall of this year. I picture Rinpoche leading us around the stupa, with all of us reciting “Om Tare Tuttare…” after a group reading of the prayer.

HOW YOU CAN HELP—I would like to gather both funds for preparing the report, and personal requests to Rinpoche to compose the prayer. Here is my idea:

  • If you contribute $500 or more to fund the water study, you can add your personal appeal to Garchen Rinpoche, requesting that he compose the Tara prayer. Your letter would be your own personal inspiration, and would add weight to the need for the prayer. Your contribution—of funds and the prayer request—would be a great merit. Of course I cannot guarantee that Rinpoche will compose the prayer. But if others join me in the request, it’s more likely! And, on the relative level, the water study is needed.
  • I will gather the money, and your personal notes to Rinpoche, between now and May. On Saga Dawa I will present Rinpoche with our prayer requests, reading them to him one-by-one. Any donors who are present could join me as I meet with Rinpoche to make this request.
  • Engraved prayer at the pond—if Rinpoche does compose a Tara prayer, there is need for a sponsor for the prayer to be placed by the pond—engraved on a stone or whatever Rinpoche wishes. If you are interested in this, please contact me.

Contributions are tax deductible. Make donations payable to The Garchen Institute—put “water study” as a memo. Send a check made out to “Garchen Institute” to me directly at the address below; or, donate by credit card by calling the GBI office (to ensure the funds are directed correctly.) Be sure to let me know personally that you have donated and would like to have your letter to Rinpoche included in the prayer request—send letters to me by postal or email.

Will Evans, 3721 Mead St., Fort Collins, CO 80526             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 970-988-5396

Thank you so much!!                        With gratitude for your loyal support,



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Love is the sunlight of the mind.



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