Drubpon Rachel - Ngondro Practice Course - Online

ONLINE-Ngondro Practice Group

led by Drubpon Rachel

This practice group lead by Drupon Rachel is a great way to get started on your Ngondro practice. It is a closed group for a limited number of students so that each student is cared for and personally guided and their questions can be easily answered. Each lesson there will be instruction, question and answer and guided practice by Drupon Rachel. Individual interviews can be requested as needed to further your personal practice.
Participants must register for the entire section of one Ngondro practice (approx.. 3 months) and should try to attend each week. One should be able to commit to practice at home at least 3 times a week for an hour as a minimum commitment to join this program.
All texts and teachings will be given in English and German.

Weekly Tuesday evenings 2 hours, starting January 2024
the Ngondro class finishes November 2024

January - February 2024
Tuesdays 19:00-21:00
March - April 2024
Tuesdays 19:00-21:00
April- June 2024
Tuesdays 19:00-21:00
September - November 2024
Tuesdays 19:00-21:00



The creation and improvement of the texts involves a lot of effort.
The Drikung Kagyu Publishing House welcomes donations for the work of the publishing house(www.drikung-aachen.de)
→ Ngondro
→ Five fold Path of Mahamudra
→ Prayer Book
→ Diamond Rosary (Download via Dropbox, you don't need to register there)



We will use your donations for the organization of the Online-Program,
the running costs of the Milarepa Retreat Center, for the Dharma Teachers and Translators.
Thank you so much for your generosity.
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